Introduction to Business

BUS 101


Business 101 is an introductory course and provides an overview of business and the role that business plays in economic, social, and political environments. In addition, it will provide exposure to the functional areas of business such as management, operations, marketing, and finance. There will be opportunities throughout the course to discuss current events in business as they apply to the topics being covered.


UW Colleges Catalog Course Description for BUS 101: Introduction to Business - 3 credits. Introduction to the role of business in the modern political, social and economic environments; describes career opportunities. This course fulfills the UWC requirement for Elective (EL).

The fundamental concepts of business and economics will be introduced. The course provides an overview of U.S. and international business topics as well as ethical issues related to business. Students focus on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of business ownership, as well as explore business organization and the nature of management. They will discuss the functional activities of a business. Topics related to management information systems, production/operations management, and management of human resources will be covered. Students will also discuss topics related to marketing and financial management.


Institutional proficiencies assigned to this course

Successful completion of this course will enhance the student's ability to:

  • Interpret and synthesize information and ideas
  • Read, observe, and listen with comprehension and critical perception

Department-specific proficiencies assigned to this course

Business 101 is an introductory course with the primary goal of helping students develop a general understanding of a wide range of topics within the field of business. More specifically, this course should enable the student to:

  • Understand basic terms and concepts related to busines
  • Explore the role and relationship of business with economic, social, and political environments
  • Identify and describe functional areas of business
  • Analyze ethical and social issues related to business operations
  • Identify areas of business that are of particular interest to the student in terms of further study or potential careers
  • Apply concepts learned to better understand current events that relate to business


In addition to the textbook for this course, students will be required to subscribe to The Wall Street Journal.


  • Microsoft Word

The exams in this course must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Work submitted in other formats, such as Word Perfect or Microsoft Works, will not be accepted. The most current edition of MS Office (containing MS Word and other valuable programs) is available to University of Wisconsin students at discounted prices through the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog.