In order for you to be successful at UW Colleges Online, most courses require that you purchase or rent textbooks and other learning materials. General textbook and Pell Grant voucher information can be found here, but if you have any other questions, please contact the UW Colleges Solution Center at 877-449-1877 or uwconlinesupport@uwc.edu.

Textbook Purchasing

UW Colleges Online works directly with eFollett, an online textbook vendor, to carry UW Colleges Online course textbooks. You may utilize other vendors, however, purchasing or renting your textbooks through eFollett helps ensure you receive excellent customer service and obtain the correct materials and also allows you to use Pell Grant vouchers, if applicable. UW Colleges Online staff cannot provide support if you choose to purchase your materials through other vendors.

Purchase your textbooks through our approved vendor, eFollett for UW Colleges Online.

Other Considerations

  • The required textbooks and materials for UW Colleges Online courses will not be available in UW Colleges campus bookstores.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all required learning materials and textbooks are purchased by the first day of the academic term.
  • UW Colleges Online is not responsible for return policies through eFollett or any other third-party vendor.

Need Help?

For textbook order status, shipping-related questions or to learn more about eFollett return policies, please contact eFollett directly at 262-524-1378.

Pell Grant and Financial Aid Texbook Program

How to Purchase Textbooks With a Textbook Voucher:

  1. Complete the financial aid process.
  2. UW Colleges will notify eFollett when your voucher and financial aid have been approved.
  3. eFollett will send an email to your UW Colleges email account with a financial aid account number, which can be used during the checkout process. You cannot purchase books using your financial aid until this approval is received from eFollett. If approval is not received within seven to ten business days, please contact UW Colleges Solution Center at 877-449-1877.
  4. Select your books through eFollett and then select Financial Aid under Billing Information. Enter the financial aid number provided by eFollett before completing the checkout process.

Need Help?

Do you have questions about your Pell Grant voucher? Contact the UW Colleges Solution Center at 877-449-1877 or uwconlinesupport@uwc.edu.

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