Textbook Purchasing

We encourage students to purchase or rent their textbooks through Follett for UW Colleges Online. Our support staff cannot provide student support for textbooks rented or purchased through other vendors and UW Colleges Online is not responsible for textbooks or learning materials purchased through another vendor. The required textbooks and materials for UW Colleges Online courses will not be available in UW Colleges campus bookstores. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all required learning materials and textbooks are purchased by the first day of the academic term. UW Colleges Online is not responsible for return policies through Follett or any other third party vendor. 

For questions regarding textbook orders, including shipping policies, please contact Follett directly at 262-524-1378. For any other questions related to textbooks or required course materials, please contact the UW Colleges One Stop Center at 1-877-449-1877 or email.


Textbook Vouchers


Steps to purchasing using a Textbook voucher: 


Starting this spring, textbook vouchers are available to all students enrolled in Online classes. Using a textbook voucher will allow you to put your book expenses directly on your PRISM account when you purchase through the Follett website.  

  1. Submit a Textbook Voucher form to UW Colleges for processing.  UW Colleges will notify Follett that you are planning on using a textbook voucher within 3-4 business days.
  2. Follett will send an email to your UW Colleges email account with a voucher ID number, which can be used during the checkout process
  3. Contact UW Colleges Solution Center at 877-449-1877 if approval is not received within 7-10 business days of submitting the voucher
  4. Purchase books through Follett “Billing Information.” Then enter voucher ID number provided by Follett before completing the check out process


To ensure that the charges are applied to your account before financial aid is disbursed, the completed textbook vouchers should be returned to uwconlinesupport@uwc.edu  by January 25th and used by the 29th.

Please remember that failure to pay your book charges along with your other fees and tuition may result in late fees.