Textbook Purchasing

Textbooks should be purchased through NEEBO. To purchase textbooks go directly to the UWC Online Bookstore. UW Colleges is not responsible for textbooks purchased through another vendor.

Because NEEBO is a private vendor, textbook costs cannot be deducted directly from a student's anticipated UW Colleges financial aid award unless the student is eligible to receive the Pell Grant.

The required texts and materials for most UW Colleges Online classes will not be available in your campus bookstore.

Textbook vouchers are available to students who are Pell Grant eligible and have financial aid to cover tuition, administrative fees and texbooks. 

Note: CHE 124 requires both a textbook and a lab kit. The text and the kit must be ordered from two different online vendors. Order your CHE 124 textbook from NEEBO at the  UWC Online Bookstore and your lab kit (CK-124) from Hands-On Labs at www.holscience.com, Login: C000391 and Password: labpaq.

LabPaqs may be returned for refund under specific conditions within THREE (3) weeks of receipt-make certain you will take the course before purchasing.