Email Support

Email Policy

The University of Wisconsin Colleges provides all users with an official email account. This account employs anti-virus software to clean email messages of known viruses and worms for the protection of our university environment. You are required to use your UW Colleges email account for all academic correspondence and assignments for the following reasons:

  • Email in D2L, the course management system for Online courses, can only be sent to and received by a UW Colleges email account
  • UW Colleges can monitor email transactions and troubleshoot issues if needed
  • Electronic correspondence from the University such as from the Student Affairs Office and Business Office will be sent to your UW Colleges email account only
  • Instructors' email accounts have anti-SPAM email filters which could potentially mark messages which do not originate from within the UW Colleges email system as "Junk Mail." Certain email providers, including Hotmail and AOL, are regular sources of SPAM. Your email not being delivered because it was filtered as SPAM is not an acceptable excuse
  • UW Colleges does not provide any support for forwarding campus mail to a personal e-mail account. If you forward your UW Colleges email to your own personal email account, you are then responsible for ALL information sent and anything lost through your personal email. To access your campus e-mail without using the UW Colleges Portal page please visit the Faculty, Staff, and Student IT Resources page for assistance setting up your PC-based email client
  • You are responsible to actively and regularly check your official UW Colleges email account for any and all electronic correspondence from the University.

Email Access

Students can access their UWC email account through the Internet using the UW Colleges Portal page.

Please visit the IT Resources for Faculty, Staff and Students website, for assistance using other methods to access your e-mail from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my UWC email username and password?

Your UWC email username and password are the same as your D2L and network username and password. This will be the primary way UW Colleges Online will communicate with you.  Once you apply to UW Colleges Online, you will be sent information on how to set up this account.  Initial set up instructions will be emailed to your personal email address provided on your application.  Click here for general set up instructions.

How can I access my UWC email account?

Click here to access your email account.

When will I be able to access my UWC email account?

You will be able to use your UWC email account once you have applied.

I forgot my username and password. How can I get it?

Obtain your username and initial password using the UW Colleges Student Account Management System. After that, you can contact UW Colleges tech support.

How do I access my online courses?

You can access your online courses by going to the D2L login page. We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.