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June 19, 2019

FAQs for Future Business Majors

Q. What kind of career can I have in business?

A. With business, you can go into many different subsections such as marketing, finance, accounting, management and human resources. Job titles in business include Accountant, Human Resource Analyst, Financial Analyst and Statistician. This field gives you a lot of room to explore your career interests. 

Q. What is the job outlook for Business majors?

A. Since business includes a wide variety of careers, it is difficult to determine the job outlook for the entire industry. However, if you become a Financial Analyst or Statistician, you can expect a job growth that is higher than the national average. Accounting has an anticipated growth rate of 10% from now until 2026. Marketing management is similar with 9% while human resource specialists are at 7% which is an average growth rate. 

Q. How much schooling will I need?

A. With business, the amount of higher education you get will depend on the type of career you're looking for. Starting with an associate's degree is a smart option. You can take these earned credits and eventually earn a bachelor's degree. With an associate's degree, you could be a customer service associate, administrative assistant or sales consultant among other careers.

Q. What kind of classes will I take?

A. Business majors will need to take a variety of business, math, economics and English courses to earn their degree. To get started on your path to a business major, consider getting an associate's degree with an emphasis in business. Then, transfer credits to a bachelor's degree program in business through one of our partner schools. Through this pathway, you could take courses such as BUS 201: Introductory Accounting, BUS/ENG 210: Business Communication and ECO 203: Economics-Macro. 

Another way to get started on your career in business is to earn a business certificate. Through this certificate, you will take a variety of business, math and computer science courses to give you a better understanding of the world of business.

Q. How can UW Colleges Online help me get there?

A. One way to start your career in business is to earn an associate’s degree first. Through UW Colleges Online, you can earn credits that can later be transferred to a 4-year school. Through our guaranteed transfer program, you’ll be able to transfer to another UW System institution as a junior. There, you will be able to finish your bachelor’s degree and go on to a career in business. 

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