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June 19, 2019

FAQs for Future Engineers

Q. What kind of career can I have in engineering?

A. There are several career options within the engineering field including: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Each one of these focuses on a different type of engineering and will result in different careers. What they all guarantee is that they require problem solving skills.  

Q. How much education will I need?

A. As an entry-level engineer, you will need a bachelor's degree. As you decide to specialize in your field or wish to advance your career, you may want to consider graduate school. If you decide to be an engineering technician, you will only need an associate’s degree. 

To get started, consider taking online courses towards an associate's degree. With our guaranteed transfer option, you could move onto a four-year school to earn your bachelor's in engineering.

Q. What type of classes will I take?

A. In addition to engineering courses, a major in engineering requires math and science courses as well as some computer courses. Some specific courses offered this spring semester include: ERG 105: Engineering Fundamentals, ERG 203: Mechanics of Materials and ERG 282: Engineering Economics. All these courses work together to get you prepared for this challenging yet rewarding career.  

Q. Is their job growth in this field?

A. Across different types of engineering such as mechanical engineeringelectrical engineering, and health and safety engineering there appears to be a steady job growth anticipated between now and 2026.

Q. How much do engineers make?

A. Engineering is a lucrative career and the pay certainly reflects this. It appears that the median pay for engineers ranges from $59,000 to $128,000. 

Q. How can UW Colleges Online help me get there?

A. One way to start your career in engineering is to earn an associate’s degree first. Through UW Colleges Online, you can earn credits that can later be transferred to a 4-year school. Through our guaranteed transfer program, you’ll be able to transfer to another UW System institution as a junior. There, you will be able to finish your bachelor’s degree and go on to a career in engineering. 

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