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June 19, 2019

FAQs for Future Teachers

Q. What kind of career can I have in education?

A. There are several different career options in education! If working in a classroom appeals to you, being an elementary, middle or high school teacher may be the route for you. Special education is also an important field to pursue and will give you hands-on time with students. If you are more interested in lecturing and research, you could work your way to being a college professor. Working as an administrator such as a superintendent or principal are eventual career options as well.  

Q. What is the job outlook for teachers?

A. In Wisconsin, there has been a recent shortage in teachers. Schools with open teaching positions are seeing significantly less applicants than in previous years. This means the field has many opportunities as schools are looking to fill positions.  

Q. How much schooling will I need?

A. If you're pursuing an associate's degree, there are career options for you. Being a teaching assistant is a great way to get into the field of education. Some schools have the option to transfer your credits towards a bachelor's degree in education. This way you can decide if teaching is the right career for you. Another career option is to be a pre-school teacher or childcare worker. Each employer has different requirements, with an associate's in early childhood education being common.  

If you want to be a teacher, you will need to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree as well as a teaching license. Typically, during your last semester of school, you will be a student teacher. This is where you will get most of your firsthand experience teaching. Throughout your career, it is likely you will continue to take classes to remain a certified educator. 

Q. What are the benefits of being a teacher?

A. As a teacher, you get to shape young minds and make a difference in their lives. We all remember our favorite teachers growing up. You could be that teacher who helped positively shape a student’s educational experience.  

Q. What is the anticipated salary for a teacher?

A. Since the field of teaching varies so does the salaries of teachers. Public school teachers are anticipated to make anything between $47,920-$63,373 on average. Many schools across the country work on a salary schedule where pay increases are based on seniority and level of education. Of course, other variables may apply.  

Q. How can UW Colleges Online help me get there?

A. One way to start your career in education is to earn an associate’s degree first. Through UW Colleges Online, you can earn credits that can later be transferred to a 4-year school. Through our guaranteed transfer program, you’ll be able to transfer to another UW System institution as a junior. There, you will be able to finish your bachelor’s degree and go on to a career in education. 

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