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June 19, 2019

Five Habits Of Highly Successful Students

Attending college is an exciting time for any student. Diving into new classes and new experiences are likely high on many students' to-do lists. As the new semester approaches, you should also think about how you're going to be successful in school. 

College success can open many doors to research opportunities,  potential degrees and career options. The staff at UW Colleges Online is committed to your success and strives to make sure you achieve your full potential as a student. Here are a few habits every successful student should develop.

1. Be engaged

You've made a smart investment in your future by taking college classes online. Make sure you're getting the most out of the experience by viewing all the lectures, engage in discussions and doing all the coursework. A good foundation to success as a student is doing the basics, and these habits are a perfect place to start.

2. Connect with your professor

Successful students know professors can be a valuable resource for answering questions and providing study suggestions. UW Colleges Online has exceptional faculty whose primary focus is on working with students. Get to know your professor and they'll be happy to help you succeed.

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3. Put time in

College courses are rigorous and require time and attention. Set aside time each day to complete assignments, study your notes and think of questions for your professor. This can be difficult while juggling class, work and other responsibilities, but earning the degree of your dreams will be worth the effort.

4. Use all your resources

As a UW Colleges Online student, you have a number of resources that will help you find success. Take advantage of tutoring resources for a variety of subjects. The UW Colleges Library also contains troves of valuable research and reference materials. Advisors and counselors are available to help with academic or personal matters. The more you take advantage of these resources, the more successful you'll be.

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5. Study proactively, don't cram

Chances are at some point you've tried to cram for an exam because you put off studying. Researchers believe that's not a good habit for successful students. When you have an exam coming up, set aside time every day to go over notes, quiz yourself or join an online study group. Successful students are proactive about studying instead of leaving it for the last minute.