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June 19, 2019

How to Decide Your Next Step

Majors Offered

Make sure the school you are considering has your intended major. To search majors in the UW System, visit MajorMania.  

Campus Location

Are you looking for a school close to home, or are you interested in moving away? Consider what the location means for your housing options. Will you commute from home, live in campus housing or move off campus? Also, if you’re looking to continue to take online courses, make sure they are available. 

School Size

A larger school may mean you will have many students in your lectures. What is your learning style? Do you like large lectures, or do you need more personal attention from professors? Decide what kind of environment you learn in the best.

Take a Tour

Sometimes, you need to go with your gut. A school may look great on paper, but once you tour it you may lose interest. A tour can give you a great idea of what a school has to offer and what the campus culture is like. 

Talk to Alumni

Find someone who went to the college you’re interested in. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the campus. Have them share any experiences or insights!