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June 19, 2019

Where Are They Now?

Leila Hosseini

Leila went to school to advance her career. She wanted to have better job security, while raising her son. Though balancing work, school and a family was difficult, Leila never gave up. Her advice? “You have to have the mind set and the discipline to get everything done and that includes the studying on your own to achieve the good grades.”

Her hard work clearly paid off. Leila went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She received a promotion to management at Seneca Foods the same week she graduated.

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Mary Fairfield

Mary had the dream of becoming a physician assistant. She needed a flexible education that allowed her to fulfill her pre-requisites while being able to have a job. UW Colleges was the right option for her. Mary still wanted to be challenged and she felt her online classes were rigorous enough for her to get a lot out of them. Mary felt that “UW Colleges Online helped me to get into my preferred graduate program.”

Now Mary continues to work toward becoming a physician assistant. Her academic journey is soon coming to a close and she couldn’t be happier to start her career.

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Kortney Strunk

As a Youth Options student, Kortney had been with UW Colleges Online since high school. She liked the flexibility and convenience of an online education so she continued taking courses with UW Colleges Online post high school graduation. Her advice to students about online courses is “it won’t be easy but if you work hard and do your best, you will be rewarded.” And rewarded she was. Kortney went on to earn her Master of Science degree.

Kortney was able to finish her bachelor’s degree with a 4.0 while being a mother and working. She also found a position as Research Development Assistant a Wisconsin technical college.

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Sarah Lyn Gay

Like many of those enrolled at UW Colleges Online, Sarah was not a traditional student. However, rather than raising a family or having a job, Sarah was only nine years old when she took online college courses. Sarah and her mother felt she was not being challenged enough, and wanted her to be in classes that suited her learning level. Sarah believes that time management is the key to success. She urges fellow students to stay on track with their assignments.

Sarah hopes to attend UW-Madison when she’s twelve. This girl has some big aspirations that she clearly can achieve. Just like Sarah, any student can push their boundaries to better their future.

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