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June 18, 2019

Where Can UW Colleges Online Take You?

Bachelor’s Degree Partnerships

During your time with UW Colleges Online, you can complete the Associate of Arts & Science degree. Earning this degree shows employers that you have critical thinking and communicative skills. It also means that you have satisfied the university-wide general education breadth requirements and can go on to earning your Bachelor’s degree at a University of Wisconsin school. You can also choose to earn Bachelor’s degree outside of the UW System. Our exclusive Bachelor’s Degree Partnerships set students on a clear track to earning their degree after their time with UW Colleges Online. Talk to an advisor to make sure you’re on the right path to earning your degree. 

Guaranteed Transfer

By participating in our Guaranteed Transfer program, you can complete your freshman and sophomore years with UW Colleges Online and begin your junior year at a four-year school in the UW System. You will need to obtain a certain GPA and amount of credits based on the UW System institution to which you would like to transfer. This way, you will have the same rights and privileges as students who completed their first two years at one of the four-year schools.

In order to get started on this program, you will need to begin UW Colleges Online as a freshman. Be sure to meet with an advisor as early as possible to have a smooth transfer process. They will help you figure out which courses you need to take to fill transfer requirements. Stay on top of required paperwork by checking what needs to be completed. 

Get started on one of these options today. By getting an early start, you will stress less and be on top of what each option requires.