Starting Fall 2019, UW Colleges Online will become UW College Courses Online.

Why choose UW Colleges Online?

On top of all the great reasons to attend UW Colleges, each of the campuses stand out in their own way. Here are just a few reasons why UW Colleges Online could be your UW!

1) Choose from flexible, convenient learning options

UW Colleges Online gives students the opportunity to take part in higher education in a way that suits their lifestyles. Students can take one class or many classes during a semester, plan their workload according to their own schedule and complete a degree from home.

2) Take advantage of guaranteed transfer to any four-year UW School

UW Colleges Online is part of the world-renowned University of Wisconsin System, which means every credit earned will transfer to a four-year school in the system. Students don't have to worry about which credits will carry over and can even guarantee their admission to the four-year UW school of their choice.

3) Receive personalized attention from faculty and staff

Thanks to manageable class sizes and engaged professors, students at UW Colleges Online can expect focused, personalized attention from their professors. Online learning presents some unique challenges for students, but working with professors at UW Colleges Online isn't one of them.

4) Pay the lowest tuition in the UW System

Students at UW Colleges Online can save thousands of dollars every year on tuition compared to four-year UW schools and other online colleges. By offering the lowest tuition in the UW System, UW Colleges Online makes higher education affordable and accessible for every student.

5) Receive access to career services for landing a job after college

UW Colleges Online is committed to student success, both in the classroom and out in the real world. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of career services to help them land the dream job they worked so hard for.

6) Choose from more than 125 courses

While some online schools only provide certain courses and disciplines, UW Colleges offers more than 80 courses in a variety of subjects and interests. Students have the opportunity to choose from courses in the fields of Anthropology, Chemistry, Engineering, Business, Math, Spanish and many, many more.

7) Enjoy the resources and amenities of attending a college in the University of Wisconsin System

On top of the Guaranteed Transfer Program and UW-caliber professors, students at UW Colleges Online receive full UW System support services like academic advising, tutoring and financial assistance. It's one more way UW Colleges is committed to student success.

8) Realize the benefits of a college degree

On average, Associates degree-holders have a better chance at higher pay – earning around $125 more each week than their high school graduate peers, and as much as $300 more in weekly pay than workers who don't have a high school diploma. 

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