You’ve chosen UW College Courses Online to help you reach your goal – whether it be an associate degree, a better job, or a new chapter. Now we’ll help you make the admissions and enrollment process as simple as possible.

Courses are open to students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you wish to pursue an Associate degree with us, or just take a class or two as a non-degree student for transfer or personal enrichment, UWCCO is a great way to further your education.

In order to participate in UW College Courses Online, students must attend a partner home campus as a degree-seeking or special/non-degree student. If you are not already a student at a partner campus, it's easy to apply and get started.

The Basics


Apply for Admission

It all starts here. All applying students need to complete the University of Wisconsin System application for admission, and apply to the home campus of their choice. In addition to your application, you may need to submit an application fee, American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) results, and your official high school transcripts or GED record.


Connect with Your Home Campus

After submitting your application, the home campus admissions office will let students know the status of their application and next steps. You should also connect with your home campus for advising, registration, financial aid, career services, and other resources. Be sure to monitor your email account for important information and requirements, and, if needed, schedule a time to meet with an advisor.


Enroll in Classes

If you’ve applied, submitted all the necessary requirements, been admitted, and know what classes you'd like to take, it’s time to enroll.  Or, you can simply browse our available courses.