Transfer Information

Whether you plan to transfer your credits to a four-year institution or take a few courses online to supplement your UW degree program, UW College Courses Online supports your transfer needs.

Tips for Degree-Seeking Students

Don’t wait to talk about transferring. 

If you plan to transfer credits in the future, make sure to bring it up every time you meet with your academic advisor. Talking about transferring with your advisor allows the two of you to strategically choose courses that satisfy degree requirements and set up a pathway for future success.

Consider staying online.

Check out the distance education programs offered through UW System universities and collaborative degree programs.

Tips for Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Save money without sacrificing your education.

Taking courses with UW College Courses Online is a more convenient and cost-effective way to get to graduation faster. Supplement your on-campus course schedule, or take courses from anywhere over winter and summer breaks with UW College Courses Online courses.

Talk to your advisor.

Are you supplementing your on-campus course schedule with UW College Courses Online courses? Your primary campus - where you are pursuing your degree - is the ultimate authority on how UW College Courses Online courses transfer and fit in with your current degree plan. Make sure you talk with your advisor to ensure your UW College Courses Online credits meet your degree requirements. For UW System students, UW College Courses Online courses are listed in the Course Credit Transfer Wizard through your home institution's course number.

Transfer your credits.

Once you have completed your UW College Courses Online course(s), order an official transcript from your UW College Courses Online "home" campus and have it sent to your primary school where you are completing your degree. You can order your transcript at any time and have it sent once grades are posted.