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Guaranteed Transfer Program

You can begin your education as a freshman at UW Colleges Online and receive "guaranteed" admission to another UW System institution as a junior by participating in the UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program. After fulfilling certain credit and grade point average requirements, you can transfer with the same rights and privileges as those who begin their education at the baccalaureate institutions.

Steps to a Successful Transfer

How to Participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program

  • Begin as a new freshman with UW Colleges. Students with transfer credits are not eligible.
  • Before completing 30 credits with UW Colleges submit a Declaration of Intent to Participate.
  • Meet with your advisor early and often to prepare for your transfer.
    • While the Guaranteed Transfer Program guarantees admission to the intended university, many majors and programs have additional admission criteria or require specific pre-requisites. However, your advisor can help you identify – and possibly complete – those requirements as part of your UW Colleges Online Associate of Arts and Science degree. The key is to meet with your advisor regularly about your future transfer plans.
  • Complete the number of credits required for junior standing at your intended institution within three academic years. The intended university may make exceptions to the required number of credits for those majors/programs in which early transfer is recommended.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA or 3.2 for UW-Madison.
    • 3.2 GPA for UW-Madison for students admitted to UW Colleges beginning in the Spring 2017 semester, 2.8 GPA for students admitted to UW Colleges prior to the spring 2017 semester
    • UW-Madison computes the GPA for transfer students in accordance with UW-Madison grading practices. Accordingly for any UW Colleges student who repeated a course, both grades are computed in determining the UW-Madison GPA. Thus, the student's UW College GPA could be different from the GPA used by UW-Madison to determine whether the minimum GPA is met.
    • UW-Whitewater computes GPA for transfer admission based on the current UW-Whitewater grading policy. Under this policy, courses may be repeated only if the original grade is C- or lower. An initial repeat attempt will result in grade replacement; subsequent attempts will be averaged until the student has passed the course. Also, incomplete grades are considered as an F for purposes of determining GPA.
  • Determine when you need to apply for transfer as application deadlines vary by university.
  • As the time to transfer approaches, follow the steps to a successful transfer below.