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Bachelor's Degree Partnerships

For whatever reason you start at UW Colleges Online, there are many options to complete a Bachelor’s degree in a field of your interest and career choice. For example, if you choose to work towards the Associate of Arts & Science degree, it may also be important to consider future plans and course selection.

UW Colleges Online makes it easy to take this next step in your college career. Our exclusive Bachelor’s Degree Partnerships offer current Associate of Arts & Science degree students a clear path to a four-year degree inside and outside of the UW System. These opportunities are designed to help you complete the prerequisite courses you’ll need to keep moving forward—all while delivering the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Whether you’re looking to transfer to the advanced degree program of your choosing, or a seamless transition to an online partner program that’s right for you, the time to start planning is now. UW Colleges Online is constantly working with respected institutions to provide students with new and innovative educational experiences. An advisor can talk to you about the programs and opportunities that fit your future. Call 608 - 270 - 7104 today!

Can't find the major or program you are looking for below? Check out the UW System HELP website for a comprehensive list of Distance Education degrees available throughout the UW System. 

Business Degrees


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Build your knowledge with core business administration courses such as Business Management, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Marketing and more.

Viterbo University

Organizational Management
The curriculum for this accelerated program focuses on helping you develop the management skills used in today's business world.

Management Information Systems
Learn to deal with increasingly complex information systems and prepare to lead technical projects and teams in the strategic and ethical use of information systems.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Experience a well-rounded curriculum that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed in a variety of business industries.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
Gain the background for understanding the needs of consumers and guiding consumers to meet those needs.


Business Management
Take part in real-world business challenges, experience the global aspect of business and learn to help new and smaller businesses succeed in this hands-on program.

Continuing Education, Outreach and E-learning

Sustainable Management
Acquire the new management skills necessary to compete in a world of limited resources and rising consumer expectations.

Criminal Justice Degrees


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Build a career in law enforcement, prosecution and defense, courts and corrections with courses like Introduction to Criminal Justice, Correctional Philosophy and more.

Healthcare and Nursing Degrees

BSN @ Home

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
This 4-year degree completion program is a smart choice for busy registered nurses in Wisconsin who already hold an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing.

Viterbo University

Health Care Management
Take a leadership role in health care administration with in-depth knowledge of legal and ethical issues, informatics, quality improvement, marketing and health care economics.

Organizational Management

Develop the knowledge and skills in management, leadership, organizational communication, ethics, marketing, accounting, finance and human resources to be a difference maker in an organization

Continuing Education, Outreach and E-learning

Health and Wellness Management
Prepare for a career developing and managing wellness programs in a variety of settings, from healthcare systems and manufacturers to community agencies and more.

Health Information Management and Technology
Gain the essential skills in health information management and health information technology you need to succeed in today’s evermore technology-focused healthcare environments.

Pre-Pharmacy Degrees

Concordia University

This rigorous program prepares students to tackle the challenging curriculum of a Pharm.D program while providing the support of study groups, test prep and guest lectures.