UW College Courses Online offers a variety of courses to help you complete your UW degree, earn prerequisite credits, or fulfill degree requirements at other institutions. 

Courses are open to students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you wish to pursue an Associate degree, or just take a class or two as a non-degree student for transfer or personal enrichment, UWCCO is a great way to further your education.

In order to participate in UW College Courses Online, students must attend a partner home campus as a degree-seeking or special/non-degree student. If you are not already a student at a partner campus, it's easy to apply and get started.

Course dates for Academic Year 2019-2020 are below. UW College Courses Online offers full-semester and accelerated class formats throughout the calendar year in three-, seven-, eight-, ten-, or fifteen-week sessions during Fall, Winterim, Spring, and Summer terms. UWCCO also offers hybrid lab science courses.

Course descriptions are available here. Please refer to the term information below for semester-by-semester course schedules.

Students will register for UWCCO courses through their home campus and should consult with their home campus for registration dates, tuition due dates, drops dates, and refund schedules.

Important Information!

As the spring semester begins, we would like to update you on some changes happening to UW College Courses Online (UWCCO). The UWCCO curriculum will be offered through the Summer 2020 academic term. Those offerings can be found here. At the end of summer, UWCCO will no longer exist.

Beginning in Fall 2020, several UW campuses will partner to offer a fully online Associate of Arts and Sciences degree. This new program is in the final planning stages, and we anticipate sharing more information about this degree and curriculum by early March. While the new program course offerings will be different than those offered through UWCCO, they will feature the same quality you have come to expect from the UW System.

If you are a current student and have questions, please contact your home campus academic advisor.

Please watch for more information coming from your campus and the UW Extended Campus.

Spring 2020 Course Dates

Spring 2020 (15 weeks)January 28, 2020May 8, 2020
Spring 2020 (10 weeks)March 2, 2020May 8, 2020
Spring 2020 (7 weeks)March 23, 2020May 8, 2020

Summer 2020 Course Dates

Summer 2020 (3 weeks)May 26, 2020June 16, 2020
Summer 2020 (8 weeks, early)May 26, 2020July 21, 2020
Summer 2020 (8 weeks, late)June 12, 2020August 7, 2020

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