Hybrid Lab Courses

Some lessons are best learned in person. That’s why UW College Courses Online offers hybrid laboratory science courses—part online lecture you can attend at your convenience and part in-person learning experience conducted over two weekends on a UW campus (varies by course). It’s a smart combination that gives students the flexibility they need while satisfying the science course requirements of most major colleges, universities and professional schools.

How much do hybrid classes cost?

Because of the high costs of providing laboratory instruction, hybrid laboratory courses have a course fee of $82 per credit in addition to the normal UW College Courses Online tuition.  

Where will my hybrid course be taught?

The lecture portion of your hybrid laboratory science course will take place online. You’ll be able to learn at your convenience and enjoy the many advantages of online courses. The laboratory component will be held on a UW campus in Wisconsin.

Be sure to check the course details of the hybrid science lab course you’re interested in during enrollment. You can also find information here:

Spring 2020 Hybrid Lab Course Information

Summer 2020 Hybrid Lab Course Information

How often will I have to travel for in-person laboratory sessions?

Every hybrid laboratory science course features two weekend-long laboratory sessions at a UW campus in Wisconsin. Check the course listings above to find where the laboratory sessions will be held this fall and spring.

Will I have to spend the night? Where will I stay?

Yes, unless you live near the UW campus where your laboratory section is taking place. We’ll identify the best lodging options for students once enrollment is complete and reserve a block of rooms for your convenience. Students are responsible for paying for the cost of lodging.

What happens if I miss a laboratory session?

Missed laboratory sessions cannot be rescheduled. Double check your schedule before signing up for a hybrid course to make sure you can attend the laboratory sessions and address any work or family obligations that might conflict with the schedule ahead of time.

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