Pre-Engineering Pathway

Are you interested in a career in engineering or engineering technology?

Specifically designed to provide the foundation courses for mechanical, civil, electrical, environmental engineering and engineering technology, the Pre-Engineering Pathways program at UW Colleges Online combines a focused curriculum with in-person laboratory experiences. Whether you are just starting on your engineering career degree or looking for a new direction, our students receive the specialized academic support they need to successfully apply to competitive engineering schools nationwide.

Take the direct route to your engineering career with UW Colleges Online Engineering Pathways.

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Take a closer look at Pre-Engineering Pathways topics and coursework and learn more about the flexible, hands-on learning experiences designed for UW Colleges Online students.

Where Advanced Coursework Meets Active Support

Choose Your Path

Pre-Engineering Pathways prepares students for a variety of graduate-level learning opportunities, including:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Nuclear Engineering

Not sure which field is the best fit for you?

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Already have a B.S. degree?

Pre-Engineering Pathways students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree can start applying to professional schools while completing their UW Colleges Online pre-professional engineering course work.

Working away from your home campus on a Co-Op?

Are you an engineering student who is working on a Co-Op or internship, but don’t want to miss an important course in your sequence?  The Pre-Engineering Pathway program can help you fulfill a graduation requirement while you gain valuable professional experience.

A Challenging Curriculum

Pre-Engineering Pathways coursework is divided into two parts: 

  1. A set of foundational liberal arts and mathematics courses that can be taken entirely online. 
  2. A series of laboratory science courses that require in-person, on-campus laboratory study. 
  3. A series of engineering disciplinary courses that prepare you for further study in your particular field of engineering.

These hybrid laboratory courses offer our students the flexibility of anytime lectures and online learning while providing hands-on laboratory experiences over two weekends on a UW College campus

A Network of Advocates

Students preparing for a career in engineering face a rigorous mathematics and science curriculum. Finding a balance between work and study, internships, co-ops and a personal life is hard enough. Achieving that balance while choosing a career path and earning the academic and employment references you need to succeed? That takes help. That’s why UW Colleges Online has developed support services to help Pre-Engineering Pathways students succeed, including:

Experienced Program Advisors who are knowledgeable about gaining admission to engineering, engineering technology, and other professional programs and who understand the challenges students face while on these pathways. 

An Online Student Support Seminar held during the academic year for you to pose questions and share ideas with your fellow students, advisors and guest speakers via video conferencing. 

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