Starting Fall 2019, UW Colleges Online will become UW College Courses Online.

Enroll in Classes

Before enrolling in courses, it is important to schedule a meeting with your academic advisor. You can schedule an appointment by calling 877-449-1877. UW Colleges Online students enroll using the UW Colleges PRISM self-service system.

Before Enrolling

If you are a degree-seeking student:

  1. Meet with your advisor. You can schedule an appointment by calling 877-449-1877 and view the new student checklist.
  2. Schedule your placement testing (if applicable). 
  3. Enroll in classes by logging  in to PRISM.

If you are a non-degree-seeking or special student:

  1. Meet with your advisor. You can schedule an appointment by calling 877-449-1877 and view the special student checklist.
  2. Complete the prerequisite verification form (if applicable).
  3. Enroll in classes by logging in to PRISM.

If you have previously attended UW Colleges, but have taken a semester off or you were previously admitted but never started a course, you will need to submit a new UW System Application to UW Colleges Online.

If you are required to take a placement test, but have not done so, you must complete those tests prior to enrolling. For more information, please visit the Placement Test page or contact your academic advisor at 877-449-1877.

How to Enroll in Classes

View the tutorials.

We encourage you to view the PRISM Help tutorials – even if you have enrolled in classes with us in the past.

Log in to PRISM.

Enroll in classes by logging in to PRISM. If you are a new student or you forget your PRISM user ID or password, the UW Colleges PRISM Help page will help you to retrieve that information.

Complete the Terms and Conditions requirement.

The Terms and Conditions (TAC) outline what is expected of all students during the enrollment process and also serves as the financial contract between students and UW Colleges. Students who complete the TAC are automatically eligible for the payment plan in the Fall and Spring terms.

To complete this mandatory step, please follow these TAC instructions.

Enroll in your classes.

Check your enrollment appointment.

  1. Under the Enrollment section, click on Enrollment Dates.
  2. Select the correct Term and click the Continue button.

Add classes to your schedule.                

  1. Under the Academics section, click the Enroll/Drop/Swap link.
  2. Select the Term you are enrolling in and click the Continue button.
  3. Key in the four-digit class number in the Enter Class Nbr field and click the Enter button, or select Search to perform a class search from the Find Class section.
  4. From the class search results, click the Select Class button for the course section you are requesting.
  5. Verify the course you are adding and select the Next button to proceed.
  6. Click on Proceed to Step 2 of 3 to confirm the courses you requested.
  7. Click Finish Enrolling to complete the enrollment request process. Classes will be held in your enrollment shopping cart until you either enroll in them or delete them.
  8. Be sure to print a copy of your schedule and sign out of PRISM to end your session.

Helpful Tips

  • For more information about the PRISM enrollment process, visit the PRISM Student Help tutorial.
  • When searching for courses in PRISM, the Subject is a three-letter abbreviation (e.g., ENG for English) and the Catalog Number is three digits (e.g., 102). The four-digit Class Number is a unique identifier for each section of each course.
  • If a class is full, we encourage you to continue to check back until registration has ended for the term.