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Online Math Success Center

Welcome to the UW Colleges Online Math Success Center. We are currently offering tutoring services for mathematics courses that you are enrolled in online. We are happy to assist you in your learning and look forward to working with you!

How The Online Math Success Center Works

You will be tutored by either current students or staff that have been successful in the math courses that you are looking to receive help in. You will need to be able to use Google Chrome and then simply click on the links below to connect to a tutor!  

In addition, you may also email the tutoring center with a question on a particular concept or topic in which you are struggling. Our staff will then work to create a helpful video tutorial for you on your specific questions and post them here.

What Can You Expect?

Our goal at the Online Math Success Center is to aid in your learning! We are not here to work out answers for you, but rather help to teach you how to solve problems. It’s very much a hands on learning process in which we will help walk you through how to solve problems.  You will see your tutor and it is very helpful for them to see you as well. We will utilize Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to maximize your experience. 

At the beginning of a tutoring session, you will be asked which course you are in and your email address. At the end of each session, the tutor will send you a follow up survey to complete. We hope you have a great experience with us.  

Tutoring Schedule

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Tutoring for MAT 108 and MAT 117 can be arranged by appointment.  Please use the webform below.

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Meet Our Tutors

Math 110 Tutor: Michael Faucher

Math 110 Tutor: Michael Faucher

I am a returning adult learner pursuing my associate degree with UW Colleges Online with future goals to pursue a bachelors in accounting. Like many others attending college immediately after high school was not the right choice for me. I did however know that a degree was in my future and am very excited to be here now working towards that goal. My years of training and tutoring individuals of all ages have given me a unique view of the challenges faced by many types of learners. I look forward to applying those skills helping other students capitalize on the amazing opportunity we have to learn at UW Colleges Online.  

MAT 091/103/105 Tutor: Colten Schmidt

MAT 091/103/105 Tutor: Colten Schmidt

I was born and raised in Rice Lake, WI and am currently in the BAAS program at UW-Barron County. I’m very interested in the social sciences like psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc. as well as neuroscience. Anything related to how the mind works and human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is of interest to me. I’m really excited to help people with math. I really enjoy math and hope to help people enjoy and understand it better.   

MAT 091/103/105/110 Tutor: Kelli Coller

MAT 091/103/105/110 Tutor: Kelli Coller

I grew up in Shell Lake, WI and graduated from UW-Barron County, UW-Eau Claire, and UW-Platteville. I have been teaching with UW Colleges since 2007! I really enjoy teaching and helping students in the academics. I’m known for being enthusiastic and positive which are vital to your success! I’m looking forward to helping you reach your academic goals

MAT 108/117 Tutor: Terri Deprez

MAT 108/117 Tutor: Terri Deprez

I was born and raised in Schofield, WI (near Wausau).  I received my bachelors in Applied Mathematics with a Chemistry minor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  After receiving my bachelor degree, I decided to go to the University Central Florida in Orlando to get my Masters.  I chose Orlando because I wanted to work for NASA.  I can say I was able to do research for NASA.  I received a research fellowship grant and did research on their “Lightning detection and ranging system”.   This was one of the coolest experience ever because I was able to take what I have been learning in math and apply it.  I have been teaching since 2008 after I left the IT world.  I have been teaching with UW College Online since 2011.  I believe that there is more than one way to approach a problem and it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach the students this.  I also believe in not only reading and applying math but using visual aids to help learn math.  With today’s technology, there are many resources to help people achieve their goals in Math.

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