Exam Proctoring

Some Online courses require the use of a Proctor for exams. Depending on the course and term you are taking courses with UW Colleges Online you will have different options for having your exam proctored.

Proctored Courses

  • AST 100*
  • BIO 101, 141, 282
  • BUS 201, 243
  • CHE 203, 250*
  • ECO 243
  • EGR 105, 201, 202*, 203, 282*
  • HIS 272
  • MAT 081, 091, 105*, 108, 110, 113*, 210*, 221*, 222, 223, 234, 271
  • MLG 100
  • PSY 210*

* Courses that will only have Remote Proctor Now as proctoring option.

  • At the start of each semester students are responsible for finding their own proctor and submitting a proctor form. We encourage students to make sure this is completed by the end of access week.
  • If you are enrolled in a  course that is using Remote Proctor Now for exam proctoring, that is the only way you can have your exam proctored.
  • If you are enrolled in a course that is NOT using Remote Proctor Now for exam proctoring you have two options to have your exam proctored.
  • You will be able to access the exam dates once you have access to the course site, one week prior to the start of class.

If you have any questions about proctored exams, contact us.

Remote Proctor NOW

Only the following seven courses will have the option to use Remote Proctor Now.

  • AST 100
  • CHE 250
  • EGR 282
  • EGR 202
  • MAT 105
  • MAT 113
  • MAT 210
  • MAT 221
  • PSY 210

If you are enrolled in a course that is using Remote Proctor NOW you will be contacted by your instructor during the exam period with a link to the exam site and instructions. Students are not required to make any arrangement in advance for a proctor when using Remote Proctor Now.

Important documents for Remote Proctor NOW


Non Remote Proctor Now Courses

Option 1: Campus Proctor

  1. Contact the proctor at the campus you with to take your exam.
  2. Confirm the campus proctor will be able to administer the exams for you on the required dates.
  3. Submit your proctor information to UW Colleges Online using the Proctor Information Web Form (Do not complete the form until you have confirmation from your campus proctor).

 Option 2: Non-Campus Proctor

  1. Determine who qualifies to be an exam proctor. Any individual who meets one of the following criteria, and is not a relative, can proctor exams for UW Colleges Online courses.
  2. Submit your proctor information to UW Colleges Online using the Proctor Information Web Form.
    • University or college faculty member
    • K-12 teacher
    • School administrator, school psychologist, or other school official
    • Professional engineer or architect
    • Professional librarian
    • Medical doctor or dentist
    • Certified public accountant (CPA)
    • Lawyer, or a police officer in an administrative position
    • Military officer
    • Pastor, priest, or rabbi
    • Official at an embassy or consulate
    • UW Colleges (2 year campuses) campus proctor


Students with Disabilities Accommodation

If you are a student with a disability and have an approved Individualized Accommodation Plan indicating you need a reader for tests, you will need to find a proctor who is also willing to read your exams to you. In addition to submitting your proctor form, please send an email to uwconlinesupport@uwc.edu confirming your proctor is also a reader. We will then provide your proctor with the necessary Reader Expectations for Examinations and Quizzes information. Only students with reader services recommended on UW Colleges approved Individualized Accommodation Plans are eligible for this accommodation service. We will provide your proctor with the Reader Expectations for Examinations and Quizzes.

Important: Please be aware that you must present a photo ID (e.g., UW Colleges ID or driver license) to your proctor to confirm your identity when you arrive at the testing site. Proctors are required to check your photo ID before allowing you to take  an examination.