As a UW College Courses Online student, you have a wide range of services and resources available to you. Take a look at the information below, and if you need additional help, contact the Student Services team.

Counseling Services

Students enrolled through UW College Courses Online may be able to access counseling services through their home campus. Contact your Student Success Coach at 877-895-3276 or, or your home campus counseling center to find out what resources are available.

Accessibility Services

Students with documented disabilities have the right to request information and necessary accommodations from their University, as stipulated within Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students interested in requesting academic accommodations must contact the Accessibility Services office at their home campus to begin the application process. Please be advised that the eligibility determination process and, once approved, implementation of accommodation services could take several weeks. It is important for students to be proactive and initiate the process early in order to ensure that accommodations are in place by the time they will be needed. Contact your Student Success Coach at 877-895-3276 or to get started with the process.