Accelerated Courses

UW Colleges Online offers accelerated courses for students who are interested in completing a course in a time frame that is more convenient for their lifestyle. With accelerated programs, UW Colleges Online takes a traditional sixteen-week course and condenses the material into a three, seven, eight, ten or twelve week format. The course content is the same; it is just covered in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I spend each week on my accelerated course?

While accelerated courses are completed in three, seven, eight, ten or twelve weeks, the amount of content covered each week is significantly increased. As such, the typical student should anticipate spending approximately 12-15 hours per week for each accelerated course they are enrolled in.

How many accelerated courses can I take in one session?

We recommend no more than two accelerated courses at a time. For students who are also taking traditional sixteen-week courses, we recommend taking one accelerated course.

How often will I need to log in to my course site?

Students taking accelerated courses with UW Colleges Online will be using Desire2Learn (D2L) to interact with their classmates and instructor, review course materials and objectives, and complete course assignments.  Because of the accelerated nature of these courses, students will need to commit to frequently checking the D2L site.

How much time after the course starts do I have to change my mind?

Because the time frame of accelerated courses are shorter, the drop dates are also accelerated. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadline. 

How do I order my textbooks?

As with traditional courses, you can order your textbooks through the UW Colleges Online textbook vendor. It is important that you order your textbooks immediately after you have completed your enrollment, so that you can get started right away.

What resources are available if I am struggling with accelerated learning?

UW Colleges Online offers a wide range of resources for students, including 24/7 tutoring services, counseling services, accessibility services and much more. For detailed information about these services, visit the Student Services page.

How do I get started?
  1. Complete the UW System Electronic Application. Notification of admissions decisions are typically made two to three business days after we’ve received all required application materials.
  2. Meet with your assigned academic advisor.
  3. Enroll in Classes.