Starting Fall 2019, UW Colleges Online will become UW College Courses Online.

Tuition & Fees

UW Colleges Online offers the lowest online tuition in the University of Wisconsin System.

Per Credit TuitionAdministrative FeeTotal
Wisconsin Residents1$238.00$25.00$263.00
BAAS Wisconsin Residents$315.00$25.00$340.00
BAAS Non-Residents$378.00$25.00$403.00

Active duty military personnel using tuition assistance will receive the Wisconsin Resident tuition rate.

Science hybrid courses with face-to-face labs also have an $82 per credit special course fee. 

Helpful Links

Please visit these pages on the UW Colleges administrative website for the following:

Refund Schedule

  • The administrative fee is 100% refundable up to one week before the beginning of the class.
  • The administrative fee is 50% refundable during the week before the class.
  • The administrative fee is no longer refundable once the class begins.
  • Online courses, BAAS courses and study abroad courses are excluded from the fee plateau.  Definition: plateau rate is where a student pays one fee for 12-18 credits.  

Better Job Prospects

Our grads can earn up to $300 more each week

A UW Colleges Online degree can increase your salary. On average, associate degree-holders have a better chance at higher pay- earning around $125 more each week than their high school graduate peers. As much as $300 more in weekly pay than workers who don't have a high school diploma.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013

Our grads get hired

UW Colleges Online can improve your chances in the job market. A comparison of national unemployment rates shows earning your associates degree makes you more likely to find employment than high school grads. In fact, our graduates outperform average job seekers nationwide.